When Colin Colbeck’s grandmother disappears, it’s up to him to journey into the deep to rescue her. Through a hole under his brother’s bed, he stumbles into a metropolis of warring trolls trying to adjust to the 21st century. When the rocks start flying, Colin and his companions fear they’ll never escape.

War & Peace meets Where the Wild Things Are in this rocky adventure of friendship, bravery, and bringing home the ones you love.

“It’s the most magnificent boomsnickery trollsnuffery madness I’ve ever read.” — Jemima Pett

“My third, fourth, and fifth graders are completely engaged in Colin’s adventure. The plot is intricate and clever enough for mature readers and adventurous enough for more reluctant readers as well. King also has a gift for clever word use and witty humor.” –Tawnya Vollmert, elementary teacher

“Everyone in the book is pure genius. As in they’re well-written, with the same quirky goodness that helps propel the story through its bizarre and endless (endlessly fun) tunnel-like plot. Favorites were Sid with his Super Spy Guy utility gear and guide, and Grand with her rambling cleverness, flakiness and bravery.” — Awesome Indies review