I became a writer in the third grade. That’s when my best friend started a newspaper called The Cat Courier, and needed reporters to capture feline news around our small Indiana town. We sold copies up and down the block for 5 cents each.

I’ve held a few jobs since then. I’ve been a camp counselor, English instructor in Japan, and a registered nurse who has worked critical care, transplant, and surgical recovery. The only job I’ve ever been fired from was my brief stint as a short order breakfast cook — I’ve never been able flip fried eggs over easy without breaking the yolks.

Currently, I’m teaching ESOL and working on a master’s degree in international literacy. I live in Texas with my husband, two boys, and Labrador named Bowzer. None of them doubt my talents as a short order cook. (It helps that they don’t like fried eggs). We spend a lot of time looking for lost keys and homework assignments under the books that clutter our house.